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About Matt Theriault

Matt Theriault is the creator of the A.C.E. Framework (Attract. Convert. Exit.) which is a systemized model for a successful part-time or full-time real estate investing business.

He is among the most sought-after real estate investing systems and marketing consultants in the United States.


Three Reasons You Should Hit the “Back” button.


Hi, I’m Matt Theriault.


These “about me” bios always feel a little awkward. Everyone knows they’re written by the guy the bio is about, yet they always seem to be written in the third person.


Well, Matt Theriault stumbled through a few third-person drafts of this bio, trying to make himself sound brilliant and witty, before he realized something important.


This is an introduction, not a Wikipedia page.


So he… I… scrapped the other drafts and started writing my bio like it should be written: as a letter to a future friend and client. Both of which I hope this actually is.


So anyway.


Hi, I’m Matt.


I’m almost 50 years old, which I hate to admit sometimes. I live in Los Angeles with my wife, Mercedes.


We have one son and zero pets.


Don’t get me wrong: I’m one of the biggest dog-lovers you’ll ever find.


The problem is that the coyotes that run my neighborhood are dog-lovers too. So we’re holding off on getting a new dog until we leave the neighborhood. Or until the coyotes do. Either way, it’s gonna be a while.


But that’s not what you’re here for, is it?


No. You’re here to figure out whether I deserve your time.


So do I?


For many of you, the answer to that question is no.


Here’s why:


  1. I can’t make you a millionaire overnight.


People tend to associate real estate investment with “easy money.”


And hey, I get that. In fact, that’s why I got into real estate in the first place, way back in 2001.


From the outside, it looked effortless. I thought I’d be stuffing cash under my mattress on a monthly basis. Ideally, it would all be passive income.


Well, that didn’t happen.


Don’t get me wrong: the money did happen. But it was far from easy.


Nowadays? Yeah, I have a consistent monthly income… much of it passive. But that didn’t happen without a lot of determination, tenacity and old-fashioned hard work.


All of which are still required on a daily basis.


If that gives you pause—if you don’t believe you can be a thousand percent more determined, tenacious, and hard-working than you think you need to be right now, then we should part ways right now.



  1. If you don’t think marketing is important, we’re going to have a problem.


Don’t get me wrong: you don’t have to love marketing. But you do need to appreciate the need for it, and you do need to understand that it’s not always easy.


Googling the term “real estate investing” is like poking your head into a circus tent. You’re going to see dozens of clowns juggling bright, shiny objects.


“No money or credit needed!”

“How to become a millionaire without leaving your couch!”


…along with lots of nonsense about obscure loopholes and top-secret money-generating methods.


Do some of these things work?


Who knows? Feel free to give some of them a try, if you happen to have money and time to burn.


Then, when you get tired of the circus, come back here and let’s build a real business.



  1. If you’re focused on “easy,” deal me out.


This is a critical point.


If your primary motivation is easy success, I can’t help you.


To be clear: I do have the capacity to help you. I just won’t.


Why, you ask?


Simple. Whenever someone is fixated on “easy” what they’re really saying is that they’re a short-term player. They’re not thinking long-term, and they’re not willing to do what it takes to achieve financial freedom.


When someone says they want to earn “easy” money what they’re really saying is “I want to be wealthy.”


That’s the problem. They’re focused on being wealthy instead of getting wealthy.


Being wealthy is easy. Getting wealthy requires hard work. Period.


Buying houses at a discount takes hard work. Getting them to perform takes hard work.


Sure, when your real estate empire is built, it may very well be everything you dreamed about. Passive income. Money gushing into your bank account while you’re sleeping.


But it absolutely, positively requires hard work, both to create your “empire” and to maintain it.


Still with me? Good.

Here are the two things I’m going to offer you:

  • Practical, highly effective strategies and methods you can deploy immediately. These are completely free and are almost always accompanied by:
  • Shameless sales pitches.

Yep. I’m going to try to sell you some stuff too.


That’s something you’re going to learn about me, if you haven’t already. I value honesty, and I value time—both my time and the time of others. So why should I beat around the bush?


I’m a real estate investor, but I’m also a marketer. I make money by buying, holding and selling real estate and also by helping others do the same. So yes, I will attempt to sell you things that can help you. And I will be very blunt about it.


But when I do try to sell you something, my sales pitch will always be packaged with information that is both valuable and free.


My reasoning is simple: once you see how much my free stuff is worth to you, you’re going to want my paid stuff too.


Telling people “I can help you” is one thing. I prefer to help them first, then tell them “I can help you even more.”


No surprises. It’s a win-win.


How can I tell if your services are worth the money?


Easy. You start with the stuff that doesn’t require any money.


If you see the value in that, you’re going to find my services even more valuable.


If you don’t like my free stuff, you can walk away. No harm, no foul.


But I digress. This is an “about me” page, after all.


So here’s some more about me:


I got into real estate back in 2001. I knew there was income potential in the industry, so I became a real estate agent.


Many of the houses I sold were purchased by families, but some I sold to investors.


With each sale, I’d get my commission. I had no complaints about that part, but after a while I couldn’t help noticing that I wasn’t the one getting rich. It became clear to me that the bigger opportunity was on the other side of the desk.


I started with the obvious: a Google search for “how to become a real estate investor.” One of the search results was an advertisement for a “real estate investing college.”


I had no idea such a thing even existed. The tuition was pretty steep: $22,000. Even though I was earning a good income as a real estate agent, that felt like a lot of money.


I read through the brochure over and over again. It was smudged, crinkled, and dog-eared by the time I was done with it. I called the telephone reps daily for two weeks, pestering them with questions. I talked to friends and family—most of whom thought I had lost my mind.


Then I signed up.


It was a great experience, and I learned a lot. Even if I hadn’t, the ROI would have been worth it, since one of my classmates ended up becoming my wife.


At one point, an instructor said something that rang through my head like a bell.


“You can make big bucks by modifying mortgages and flipping properties without ever owning them.”


Since I had spent most of my savings on this college, this stuck with me.


I don’t need money to do this! I thought. Or credit.


All I had to do was work the bank for the seller, then find a buyer, and… click! Like flipping on a light switch.


This was years ago, mind you, before banks started to frown on the practice and placed all kinds of hurdles in the way.


And you know what?


It worked.


Sort of.


I made a fair amount of money, but it took way too long.


Then, more or less by accident, I stumbled onto something that lit a spark inside my brain: some old videos about creative offers and financing.


I watched them, and something clicked.


I bought book after book on creative real estate investing. I read, I learned, and I worked my ass off.


I was mailing letters, sticking ugly yellow signs in the ground, and attending every networking event I could get access to.


After a few years of hit-and-miss experimentation, I started to see results.


I doubled down, worked even harder, and focused on one thing: creating enough monthly passive income to exceed my monthly expenses. When I finally did reach that point, I knew I had achieved something most people only dreamed of.


I had escaped the proverbial rat race.


When others saw my success, I was happy to share my strategy and my tactics.


A real estate guru was born… even though I hated that label.


But then I discovered that just about everything I was teaching could be found with a simple internet search (as long as you had a lot of time and patience, and as long as you knew where to look.


I also realized, after years of teaching others, that the old cliché was false.


Knowledge alone does not equal power.


Applied knowledge equals power.


Without implementation, knowledge is effectively worthless.


I was collecting and imparting valuable knowledge, but many people weren’t implementing it.


Then I had another epiphany.


What if I could do it for them?


What if I gave the knowledge away for free, as a way to demonstrate my expertise, then charged a premium to apply that knowledge for my clients?


Now that would be powerful.


I quit the “guru biz.”


Fast-forward to today:


I’ve got clients all over the country. Some run full-time real estate investing businesses, others are part-time.


I’m sought out by investors large and small, many of whom have dumped money into other programs that imparted the knowledge as promised but failed to deliver the power that comes with implementation. That—implementation of knowledge—is what I do.


It’s not uncommon to see my competitors in the audiences of my live events. In fact, a fellow educator recently hired me to help his company provide better results for his clients.


In a nutshell, here’s what I can do for you:


My primary goal is to enable you to execute the “money-making activities” of real estate investing by using automation and delegation.


To do this, I created something called the A.C.E. Framework which is a real estate business model supported by the three essential pillars of Attract, Convert and Exit.


I’ve worked hard to make A.C.E. the “brass ring” of real estate investing.


Another thing I focus on is your content marketing, which is simply a way to first establish credibility with the people you intend to market to. Without that credibility, any sales pitch will be meaningless.


Speaking of which, it’s time for my very first shameless sales pitch:


Check out this page and check out my free stuff. I used to charge a lot for this, but I give it away these days since I’m no longer a guru.


If you think what you see and hear has value, reach out to us here for more individualized help.


Then, if you find that help valuable as well, please strongly consider taking me up on my future offers. I will never try to sell you something that won’t be highly beneficial to you.


That’s it. That’s my angle. Like I said, I’m a straightforward guy.


Okay, enough about me.


It’s time to start focusing on you. Let’s start building your business, and your future!